Pre Sport

Warm up Cream 500 ml


Cosmetic Cream with a warm up action to put before the sport activity. It is made to provide an intense local thermal action. It is the best solution for really cold environment and bad weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow. It is also very suitable for a massage with  the ability to regulate temperature pre-race or training, to improve muscular performance and decrease the risk of injury.Suitable for Multisport.

Price: 31.00 Euro

Warm Up Oil 125 ml


A specific oil for pre-competition auto-massage. It has  the peculiarity to maintain the muscle warm for the whole sportive performance, reducing the risk of injury. In addition to this, thanks to its thermoregulatory action  is suitable for climates ranging from intense cold to cold. Ideal for Multisport.

Price: 11.00 Euro