During Sport

Protect and Skin Repair Cream 500 ml


SKIN REPAIR CREAM: Special cream to be applied to red skin and strongly worrn skin by rubbing caused by stress from skin friction. Its dense composition ensures high durability of its specific action. The Zinc Oxide has an effective anti-inflammatory action, normalizes, soothes and protects the treated area forming a protective film against external aggression. Coumarin, the active ingredient of plant origin, helps to drain the tissue fluids. Suitable for Multisport.

Price: 31.00 Euro

Protect Cream Chamois 150 ml


Cream designed and developed  to moisturize and protect skin areas prone to sweating and rubbing of the skin with clothing or other objects. Thanks to the refreshing action of  Menthol Essence, it gives an enjoyable sense of freshness improving the comfort sensation. Its specific formula makes it suitable for the most delicate skin zones, both for women and for men. Suitable for Multisport

Price: 16.00 Euro