Mila Sport

The new  product line produced by Milasport has been based on the thirty years cosmetic field experience of Mila Cosmetic laboratories and with the technical support of FLJ Sport solution  (, a centre active in the consultancy and services for a wide range of sport activities. Indeed, these new high competitive products for sport have  been created  thanks to the inputs provided by the professional equipe working for FlJ Sport Solution such as: athletes, masseurs and osteopaths. In particular, this important know-how transfer has been  possible thanks to the support supplied by the Professional Cyclist Fabio Felline one of the most talented  athletes that the Italian Cycling has nowadays ( taking part with great results at the last “Giro d’Italia) and co-founder of FLJ. The new line has been made to be a point of reference for all every sportsman who wants to improve their performances and reach better competitive results or just enjoying  the sports they do with the maximum fun and personal satisfaction. The massage and the use of specifical cream with high technologic value are nowadays essential, both for the competitive athletes and for the sportsmen and sportswomen who are just practising every kind of sport to stay in fit.

  • Pre Sport

    The warm up oil and the warm up cream have been made in order to give an important support for every athlete in order to obtain better performances, preparing the muscles involved in the sport activity with an important prevention from injuries
    • Cosmetic Cream with a warm up action to put before the sport activity. It is made to provide an intense local thermal action. It is... Leggi tutto →

    • A specific oil for pre-competition auto-massage. It has  the peculiarity to maintain the muscle warm for the whole sportive performance, reducing the risk of injury.... Leggi tutto →

  • During Sport

    These technical and innovative creams have been planned to protect and repair the body parts prone to sweating and chafing.
    • SKIN REPAIR CREAM: Special cream to be applied to red skin and strongly worrn skin by rubbing caused by stress from skin friction. Its dense... Leggi tutto →

    • Cream designed and developed  to moisturize and protect skin areas prone to sweating and rubbing of the skin with clothing or other objects. Thanks to... Leggi tutto →

  • After Sport

    After the sport activity, the massage with the restoring ice gel decongests and relaxes the muscles and the joints, favouring the natural process of catabolic elimination of lactic acid and providing immediate relief to tension, muscle spasms, strains and cramps.
    • Acting moisturizing cream, relaxing and soothing for stressed muscles after  physical exercises. It  gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and re-oxygenation of the skin. Massaged,... Leggi tutto →